Wild Rile Canucks

What is it about the Minnesota Wild that makes teams lie down and die? Vancouver has just given up. How else could the Wild, down three games to two, destroy the Canucks 5-1?
Well Vancouver goalie Dan Cloutier isn’t helping things. Too bad the Canucks don’t have any kind of back-up they can use. Also not helping was defenseman Sami Salo being out with the flu.
The Wild are fearless. Being a game away from elimination has meant nothing to them during this playoff run. It didn’t scare them off of Colorado and it looks like it won’t scare them off of Vancouver. The Wild are like the villain in a horror movie. You think they’re dead but then you realize you haven’t seen little Timmy in a few minutes. You know, until you open the beer cooler.
The Wild are just like that, except they’re not actually killing people.