Madden: ‘I Think You’re Looking for the Other John Madden. I Host MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL

I haven’t been a huge fan of the New Jersey Star-Ledger, one of the papers that covers the Devils. But I checked them out again today and they had some really nice stuff.
Stuff like John “Hockey Not Football” Madden allegedly saying this about Ottawa’s ownership: “That was just a badly run business. They sell out, they have great crowds, and the fact is they had two crooks running the show there.”
And yeah. Ottawa’s CEO, Roy Mlakar, is pretty pissed about the comments. The Devils are saying the comments were about the Sabres’ ownership. The Star-Ledger transcript of the comments doesn’t really clear things up. All in all, I think it’s a sign that teams shouldn’t have a week off during the playoffs. It gives the players too much time to think and talk.
In more New Jersey news, the Star-Ledger reveals that the Devils are finally warming up to Scott Gomez. Interestingly, the article talks about how loose Gomez was his rookie year, the year he took home the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year. Gomez had 19 goals and 51 assists that year. Now Gomez is all intense and he just doesn’t play as well. In fact, he hasn’t really been a force since before he broke his arm toward the end of last season. But his teammates like him better now, so that’s the important thing, right?