Interesting, No?

Looking ahead to the Stanley Cup finals, there are a couple of interesting side stories.

* If it’s New Jersey and Anaheim, you have brothers Rob and Scott Niedermayer playing against each other. Rob is an Anaheim forward and Scott is a grizzled New Jersey defenseman.
* New Jersey vs. Anaheim will also pit Petr Sykora against his former New Jersey teammates. Sykora was traded to Anaheim in a very public bid to break up his line, who rumor has is, many in the Devils organization felt was too popular.
* If it’s New Jersey and Minnesota, you have the Devils playing their former coach, Jacques Lemaire. Not only is Lemaire their former coach, he’s also the architect of their defensive mentality. He didn’t just coach the Devils, he invented them.
* If it’s Ottawa against Minnesota in the finals, it’s kind of weird. You have two city’s who both end in ah sounds.