Leave Lalime Alone

Ottawa is one game away from summer vacation. Their big problems? Their big players not really stepping up and big game inexperience. I think the Senators are all kind of shocked to be out of the first round. And it seems like they’re all so pumped up, they’re taking a lot of bad penalties. Ottawa is going to be a huge force next season (assuming Ottawa ownership, whoever it is this week, can keep the team intact) but for now, it looks like they should work on their putt-putt swings.
A lot of the Canadian columnists are blaming Ottawa goalie Patrick Lalime. While his third period breakdown in game four against the Devils wasn’t something to pin up on the fridge, his defensemen didn’t help &#151 unless they were supposed to be giving up odd-man rushes and not protecting the front of the net. It’s easy to blame Lalime, but it’s not right. Ottawa really just needs to wait until next year. Everyone says that, but Ottawa can back it up.