Ottawa Lives to Play Another Day

Crazy! The Devils can’t put Ottawa away. With the series tied at three apiece, at least we know it will all soon be over. I still think the Devils will win, though. Ottawa looked horrible in overtime. If Patrick Lalime hadn’t been the brick wall he was, the Devils could have easily won. But of course Lalime will be playing in game seven, so maybe the Devils aren’t a lock to win.
Speaking of the Devils, here’s a funny article about Jim Cassella, the mayor of East Rutherford, home of the surging Nets and once-surging Devils. He makes around $7,000 a year as mayor. Of course, it’s not like mayors’ salaries are based on team performance. But maybe they should be. Over across the Hudson River, in New York City, the mayor, Mike Bloomberg, a billionaire, accepts a dollar a year as salary. And the Knicks and the Rangers are pretty bad, so that seems about right. So maybe if you have a good team in your town, the mayor should get around $7K, but if you have a bad team, the mayor should only get a buck for the year.
Hmmm. I have some numbers to crunch.