Who Is Sorrier Than Colin White?

I swear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player as upset and as apologetic as Devil defenseman Colin White. Some of you may recall that it was White’s misplay in game six, where the Devils could have clinched a finals berth, that left Devil goalie Martin Brodeur unprotected, with no defenseman in front of him, leading to the game-winning overtime goal.
It’s sort of refreshing to see a player cop to being out of position &#151 especially when his team is one game away from moving into the Stanley Cup finals. But it’s sort of sad to see White so upset: “[Moving out of position to nail Senator Marian Hossa] was a reaction I made, and it was obviously the wrong one…I really don’t know why I went over as hard as I did. It’s my fault.”
Chin up, cowboy. Just play better next time. And remember. Pinching, even in your own zone, is never a great idea. Leave the pinching to the crabs.
Senator Daniel Alfredsson is in a much better mood. Not only does his team have a good shot at being the first NHL team to move into the finals after being down three games to one since the Devils beat Philly in 2000, but countrywoman Annika Sorenstam is playing in a PGA Tour event &#151 the first woman to do that in 58 years.
Good times.