Family Ties

A Red Wings fan I work with asked me who I thought would win the Ottawa-New Jersey series once Ottawa had pushed everything to game seven. I joked that the Devils would win since Martin Brodeur wouldn’t want to go home and deal with his divorce.
Score one for PuckUpdate.
Anyway, there’s not really much news to report. Mostly family stuff.
Like what?
Like Paul Kariya’s sister is a boxer (l: laexaminer; p: laexaminer). I was going to make some jokes about how she’s the only fighting Kariya, but Paul beat me to it: “I haven’t been in a fight in my career.”
In other family news, Carol Niedermayer, mother of New Jersey Devil Scott Niedermayer and Might Duck Rob Niedermayer announced she wants the Ducks to win the Cup since Rob never won one while Scott has twice. Things could have gone easier for Mama Carol. The Devils tried to get Rob at the trade deadline but couldn’t work anything out with Calgary.