What’s the Hurry?

Welcome to News That Could Have Waited Until After the Stanley Cup Finals. I’m your host, Steven Ovadia.
Let’s get to it, shall we?

*Patrick Roy is retiring. Not much of a shock. But couldn’t this have waited until after the Finals?

*The Sabres sign coach Lindy Ruff to a new contract. Good for them. Too bad they traded away most of their good players and still don’t have a number one goaltender. I think this announcement could have waited until after the Finals.

*The Ottawa Senators coaching staff is re-signed for next season. Big shock. Jacques Martin took his team to within one game of the Finals. And let’s be honest. For Ottawa, almost making it to the Finals is pretty good. They’re just glad to not choke in the first round. But still. Were any of you wondering if the Senators were going to re-sign their coaching staff? Or were you thinking about the two teams actually in the Finals.
I thought so.

*Patrick Lalime shaves. This is huge. They should have interrupted programming for this one.