Filling Roy’s Pads

So Patrick Roy retired. I’m pretty indifferent. Sure he was an amazing goaltender, probably one of the best ever. But he deserves to rest. No one should have to play through pain like Roy did this season. It’s a loss for hockey, sure, but Roy’s a person. He’s not some trained animal to do tricks for us.
Having said that, the big question is who’s going to replace him in Colorado? It’s looking like it’ll either be David Aebischer, his backup, or Phil Sauve, from Colorado’s farm system. And just to make things a little more awkward, Sauve’s dad is Roy’s agent. It’s all almost Oedipal.
I’m recommending a goalie tandem. It works. Minnesota proved that. It lets Aebischer get used to more work and it lets Sauve get used to NHL action.
And hey. Former Roy backup Craig Billington, recently retired himself, was coaching Roy in Colorado this season, helping Roy pick up on any flaws in his game. Suit Billington up and go with three goalies. The more the merrier.