Brodeur Laughs; Devils Sleep

I’m glad Devils goalie Martin Brodeur can laugh about the freak goal he gave up to Anaheim. It really wasn’t funny at the time, though. ABC cut to a shot of the Ducks bench right after the puck trickled in off of Brodeur’s dropped stick and just about every Duck was horrified. No one was smiling. And they were the team who “scored” the goal.
The Ducks won game three of the Finals by a score of 3-2, but the score doesn’t reflect how poorly the Ducks fared in terms of capitalizing on chances. Anaheim just couldn’t move in for the kill. Paul Kariya appears to be some sort of expert at hitting the shaft of Brodeur’s stick. None of the Ducks seems to know how to shoot a puck through traffic. Or through empty ice. The Devils were awful last night. Their defense was positively porous. They only two things keeping the game as close as it was were Brodeur’s goaltending and the Ducks apparent fear of combining rubber with mesh.
The Devils tried to sleepwalk to a Stanley Cup and it almost worked. It seems that the only thing that might have woken them up was the sound of a stick hitting the ice and the anguished cries of an upset goaltender. Now let’s see if that keeps the Devils awake for game four.