There’s No Place Like Home Ice

Not to play Tuesday morning quarterback, but just a couple of thoughts after watching the Ducks take down the Devils in overtime of game four:

* Haven’t the Devils needed a genuine goal-scorer since Alexander Mogilny left in 2001. And wouldn’t a goal-scorer have helped with Anaheim goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere? I’m all for keeping budgets down, but the Devils have no real go-to scorer. John Madden is a great guy, but deep down he’s a grinder. And Joe Nieuwendyk is hurt.

* Haven’t the Devils needed a genuine faceoff man since Bobby Holik left last season? If Holik had no other hockey skills he’d still be pretty helpful for faceoffs alone.

* Why is Patrik Elias the only Devil who knows to shoot high on Giguere? I mean I even know that, and I can’t skate or shoot.

* Does anybody care about that idiot couple that said they’d get married if the Ducks win the Cup? Trust me. They don’t.

* How many on-air people does ABCESPNDISNEYTHEMIGHTYDUCKS have working the finals? I’ve counted 33. So far.