Lamoriello Speaks

OK. First things first. I guess I should acknowledge that my prediction that Joe Nieuwendyk would play in game seven was wrong.
Sorry kids.
They can’t all be right.
Interestingly, GM Lou Lamoriello spoke to the Devils before game seven. According to the New York Daily News:

    Lou Lamoriello doesn’t often speak to the Devils as a group, leaving speeches and instructions to the coaches and team leaders. But when the team met Sunday night, the GM spoke. “Lou’s the backbone of all of this,” Nieuwendyk said. “When he speaks, he speaks from the heart. I think it made a big impact on everybody.”

    Lamoriello wouldn’t discuss what he said to the team, but he praised them afterward. “This is the lowest-maintenance team I’ve ever been around,” Lamoriello said.

    PuckUpdate is lucky enough to be able to bring you an exclusive guess at what Lamoriello told his team:

      OK guys. We have to win. You have to win. You know why? Because I’ll trade your ass if you don’t. Do you think I’m kidding? Ask Petr Sykora over there on the Anaheim bench. Remember him? He was one of our best players and I traded him because I felt like it. And remember Mike Danton. We didn’t get along so I refused to trade him to another team. He’s just sitting at home doing nothing. That could be any of you. So you better freaking win. Go Devils!

    Dry your tears, everyone.
    Oh. And the Devils will let you know when their victory parade is going to be held. Stupid NBA Finals.