Bruins Search For a Goalie

The Bruins don’t have a coach, but they’re not worried. They’re going crazy trying to find a goalie. According to the Boston Globe they almost ended up with goalie Roman Cechmanek. Luckily for Boston, they came to their senses and passed, and the Kings snapped up the playoff-shy netminder.
Now it looks like the Bruins might be willing to give up roster players for Florida’s first-round, number one draft pick. They would use the pick to draft Marc-Andre Fleury, who’s supposed to be an amazing goalie almost ready for the big show.
Obviously, it’s a gamble.
Boston also might be interested in re-acquiring goalie Sean Burke from the Coyotes. That would cost the Bruins a first-round pick, though.
Now the Bruins sort of have a goalie &#151 Jeff Hackett. He’s just not sure if he wants to play in Boston next season. He’s an unrestricted free agent with a pretty goalie-deficient season coming up. It looks like Hackett’s figured out that he can probably make a lot more than he’s worth this season.