Florida’s Number One (Pick, That Is)

This upcoming draft is deep and everyone wants a piece of it.
The biggest prize? Rookies who are ready to play in the NHL.
Why? Because they’re cheap.
The Islanders are supposed to be in the hunt for Russian winger Nikolai Zherdev. They also might be interested in Milan Michalek and Eric Staal. To get players of that caliber, they’re going to have to cut a deal. They’re supposed to be talking to Florida about getting the first pick. The price? Mark Parrish.
A lot of teams are talking to Florida about that pick. Dallas is supposed to be offering up Jason Arnott AND Richard Matvichuk.
Florida is young and European and the conventional wisdom/bigotry says they need to get older and more North American. Those players usually cost money, though. But Florida GM Rick Dudley says money isn’t an issue if they’re getting a quality player and leader.
Florida is definitely in the driver’s seat for once, though.