Trade Junk

OK. So we know the Bruins might be interested in Phoenix goalie Sean Burke. But now Burke himself might be interested because its seems like the Bruins are about to tap former Coyote (and Burke teammate) Mike Sullivan as their new head coach (or maybe not &#151 the Boston Globe goes crazy speculating on why the decision announcement was postponed).
The Flyers are also in the Burke hunt.
Tampa goalie Nikolai Khabibulin is also rumored to be on the block. Philly might want Khabibulin, too. And Colorado also might want him, which is kind of interesting. The Avs have a lot of decent home-grown but still-untested goalie talent in their system. It seems they’d want to fill their net internally. But the fact that Khabibulin is such a primadonna and head-case seems to make him a good fit for the Flyers. They love neurotic goalies there.
Also, the Rangers can’t work out a deal with defenseman Brian Leetch. It’s pretty huge if Leetch gets away from the Rangers. He’s a little old, but he’s definitely one of the top three defenseman in the league. If Dallas or Detroit decides to try and go for him, it would be a huge boost. And if Anaheim decided to sign a player people had heard of? They might actually wind up holding the Cup next year. Which is good. Because I don’t ever want to see Duck goalie J-S Giguere bawling like that ever again. Seeing his long, bearded face crying like that was just freaking unsettling.