Penguins Do Something Right

The Penguins got the first pick in the draft. I wonder when their pick, goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, will start playing for them. They definitely have goalie issues (SEE Johan Hed”case”berg) and Fleury is supposed to be hot cakes.
Drafting Fleury is the first good decision the Penguins have made in like, what, two years? If Anaheim goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere showed the NHL one thing, it’s that a strong goalie can hide a lot of flaws. It’s my Goalie as Concealer Theory.
By the way, if Fleury ends up with some kind of endorsement deal with Maybelline, I want my 10 percent.
Oh. And here are some of the bigger NHL stars up for sale. The joke is, is that no one wants them with the new upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement.
I didn’t say it’s a funny joke.