Ranger Jagr?

So the Rangers might be taking Jaromir Jagr off Washington’s hands.
Eric Lindros and/or Pavel Bure are also supposed to be a part of any happenings.
Is it me or isn’t Bure’s knee pretty messed up? Would anyone want him? Wouldn’t the Rangers want to keep him and let insurance pay his salary? I mean I’m not a GM or anything, but doesn’t that make a little sense.
Larry Brooks of the New York Post says the whole thing doesn’t make sense and the Rangers won’t take Jagr. Jagr has a long-term expensive contract while Lindros and Bure have short-term expensive contracts. Brooks’ says it wouldn’t make any sense for the Rangers to take Jagr. Sherry Ross agrees. And guess what? So does the Times.
Luckily, deals not making sense has never stopped the Rangers before.
I don’t know why the Rangers are in such a hurry to move Lindros. Detroit and Dallas are supposedly very interested in him. He had a crappy season. But he still has some gas in the tank. Everyone still seems Lindros as the great player that never was, when the player he is isn’t bad. Better than Paul Kariya, right?