Flyers vs. Desjardins

OK. Yesterday we busted Dallas for letting Derian Hatcher go without a fight.
Today we condemn the Flyers for quibbling with defenseman Eric Desjardins. A Flyer for almost nine years, Desjardins is supposedly looking for a three year contract while the Flyers only want to give him two.
The Flyers, like almost every NHL team, are gun-shy about long-term contracts since they don’t know what the next Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) will be like.
But still. It’s not like the game will change with a new CBA. A strong defenseman will still be a strong defenseman. Forwards won’t get any slower or weaker under the next CBA. So reward Desjardins for eight and a half good years (and a hell of a playoff season before getting injured) and give him his contract.
Either that or another Eastern team will.