Rangers and Caps: No Trade!; Forsberg Staying?

It’s oppressively hot here at PuckUpdate Central. Let’s get to it then.
Wednesday afternoon, FoxSports.com reported the Rangers were about to trade Petr Nedved, Jamie Lundmark and Matthew Barnaby for Jaromir Jagr (and didn’t FoxSports.com layoff all their writers, including hockey dude Jim Kelley?)
A little while later, TSN.com said the whole thing wasn’t true.
It sort of makes sense. The Rangers wouldn’t take on payroll unless they could unload some payroll. Nedved, Lundmark, and Barnaby aren’t exactly high-ticket players.
Over in Colorado, it’s looking like Peter Forsberg is going to return to the Avs for one more season. Once the expected lockout rolls around in 2004, Forsberg can then finish his career playing in Sweden, as is his dream, it seems.
No fuss, no muss.
And what’s with his nickname, Foppa? What does Foppa mean? And is it related to Beatle Paul McCartney’s nickname, Macca?
So much to learn, so little time.
And so little air-conditioning.