Quinn Fired

It’s not really a surprise to anyone, but the Leafs are reorganizing big time.
Pat Quinn is out as GM, but oddly enough, gets to help choose his replacement.
Team president Ken Dryden’s position was eliminated.
Whoever takes over as GM has got a tough job. You’ve got a pissed-off Pat Quinn working under you and you’ve got a messy organization to clean up. Lots of high-priced contracts. Not a hell of a lot of talent coming up. And a culture of dirty play. The Maple Leafs also need a system, which is what Pat Quinn should have been working on the past few years. The Leafs need to get defensive (Quinn has talked about playing a trap next season) or they need to figure out a way to consistently spring some of their offensive players. And maybe unload Owen Nolan and get some modern offensive threats.