Fedorov Quacks and Signs

Well, well, well.
It looks like Sergei Fedorov was able to work it out with the Ducks after all, signing for $50 million over 4 years (login: laexaminer; password: laexaminer).
I still don’t think he’s a great fit, though. He’s good, but he’s just not enough of a two-way player anymore.
Helene Elliot wonders if Fedorov can be a team leader. After all, even though he’s 33, pretty old by hockey standards, he’s never had to lead a team before. Detroit, as you’ll recall, is almost all leaders (leaders being a euphemism for old).
Randy Youngman wonders why the Ducks couldn’t find the Fedorov money for Paul Kariya, a loyal Duck from day one. He even floats the rumor that Kariya was happy to leave because he wasn’t happy in coach Mike Babcock’s defensive system.
Speaking of Kariya rumors, Larry Brooks has a doozy: Kariya wants to be an unrestricted free agent next year so he can play in Japan during the anticipated lockout. Brooks reports that the endorsements there would be huge.