Worrell Sad to Leave Florida

So if you buy a nice car, you get a good car alarm, right? You’ve got to protect your valuables.
The same thing applies in hockey. The Colorado Avalanche have a lot of valuables on the ice now (Paul Kariya, Teemu Selanne, Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg, just to name a few).
That’s why they picked up Peter Worrell from the Florida Panthers, for forwards Eric Messier and center Vaclav Nedorost.
Worrell, an enforcer, will be that car alarm.
You’d think Worrell would be happy to escape Florida, a perennial no-show in the playoffs. But he’s actually upset, loyal player that he is. Worrell said he wanted to spend his career as a Panther.
Hopefully Worrell will cheer up once Colorado starts kicking ass in the West. Assuming all those new players can learn to work together, that is.