Leafs Stick; Coyotes Don’t

Pretty quiet in the hockey world today.
First of all, let’s welcome back Rink Blog to the hockey blogging world.
Apparently Tim’s been without internet access. Sad stuff.
The Leafs are denying they reached a one-year deal with defenseman Oleg Tverdovsky. By the way, the rumor was based on this New York Post report.
Honestly, I don’t know why the Leafs are even bothering to deny it. It’s not a very sexy rumor. Ooooo. The Leafs have signed a guy who would probably be a fifth defenseman. I don’t even know how the Leafs have time to deny rumors. Shouldn’t they be trying to trick defenseman Robert Svehla into admitting he’s retiring?
Oh. And the Coyotes signed Nikos Tselios, Chris Chelios’s cousin, also a defenseman.
Call it a hunch, but I think Phoenix might be the Tampa of next season. They’ve got goaltending up the goal crease and have made some nice pick-ups like Tselios. If they get even a little offensive talent and a little grit, they might see the playoffs. I’m telling you. Watch them.