Leafs Predict Hiring a New GM within Next Few Decades

So the regular season starts October 8, right?
That’s like, what?, two months and change away?
That’s soon.
Only nobody seems to have told the Leafs that.
They still haven’t started their GM search.
Leaf management said they’ll start interviewing candidates in August.
You don’t want to rush these things, after all. It’s not like the GM is integral to a successful franchise, nothing against current GM Pat Quinn, whose tenure as Toronto GM can be summed up with two words: Owen Nolan.
I love the group that’s interviewing GM candidates, too. It’s Quinn, who was basically fired as GM, Ken Dryden, who was basically banished by the new Leaf ownership, and Richard Peddie, the president of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. I wonder who’s calling the shots there?
Also, how is Glenn Healy up for this job? He’s a talking head now. Why not Kelly Hrudey? It just seems kind of random to me.