Number 8 Hangs; Oates Beantown Bound?

Shocking! The Bruins are retiring Cam Neely’s number 8.
Why shocking?
I assumed they did it seconds after he retired in 1996. The man was (and is) the Bruins.
And the number has sort of been retired anyway. No one has worn it since Neely.
Good stuff.
On another Boston front, the Globe is saying the Bruins should think about bringing Adam Oates back into the fold (Anaheim still hasn’t re-signed him).
Everyone talks about Oates and faceoffs. Sure he’s good, but are faceoffs worth whatever the Bruins would have to pay Oates? Anaheim’s dominance in the faceoff circle impacted this year’s finals, but that was a pretty extreme case. New Jersey only had one dedicated faceoff guy (Joe Nieuwendyk) and he ended up injured. But how many other teams have so little depth (besides Pittsburgh…)? The faceoff advantage would end up being a wash.