Leetch Still a Ranger

Shockingly, the Rangers finally signed Brian Leetch.
Rumor is he got a two-year deal for $6.5 million/year, plus incentives.
Rangers coach/GM Glen Sather is so full of crap, though: “We are extremely excited to have him remain in a Rangers sweater.”
Then why didn’t you sign him sooner?
Leetch obviously has ties to New York, having played here for 16 seasons. He can’t just up and leave for a better offer. Since the Isles, Devils, and Flyers weren’t going to make him an offer, Sather had him pretty much dead to rights.
Leetch had to either uproot his family or take what Sather gave him.
Leetch took what Sather gave him.
Don’t get me wrong. $6.5 million is great money. But Leetch made a little less than $10 million last season. You don’t slash the salary of loyal employees just because you can. Especially not when much of your bench is filled with overpriced “talent.”