CuJo to Bean Town?

So apparently Curtis Joseph is willing to be traded to Boston (second item).
Not that he really has any choice. The Wings can put him on waivers and let a team grab him. Then the other team can put a player Detroit wants on waivers and let Detroit grab him.
At least I think that’s legal, if not a little sleazy.
The Boston Globe says the Bruins might genuinely be interested in CuJo since they haven’t had a solid, solid goalie in ages. A goalie like CuJo might also bring some fans in.
The other scenario being floated all summer has the Rangers grabbing CuJo and shipping Mike Dunham to Boston. The fact of the matter is that they’re pretty comparable in terms of talent. But Dunham is a lot cheaper.
Oh. The Globe also reports that new acquisition Sandy McCarthy is going to try and fight more this season.
Good for him.