Flyers Hope LeClair Gets LeClaimed on LeWaivers

Wow! According to the Courier-Post, the Flyers are considering placing John LeClair on waivers. If no one claimed him, the Flyers could buy out his contract.
Or they could send him down to the minors, which is pretty freaking degrading if you’re John Friggin’ LeClair.
LeClair’s big sin in the eyes of the Philadelphia organization is his huge salary. But as most people will recall, the Flyers agreed to his salary. He didn’t really set it himself.
Also, LeClair is coming off a season where he had back surgery. And, as the Courier-Post points out, coach Ken Hitchcock’s defense-centric system doesn’t exactly allow for huge offensive numbers.
LeClair gave the Flyers some great years. It’s nice that they’re trying to dump him because they don’t know how to negotiate contracts they can afford.