Penguins Stock Up on Goalies

Don’t be like me.
I took my eyes off of Pittsburgh for like two minutes and all this crazy stuff happened.
First they gave Sebastien Caron a four-year, $3.2 million deal, which is a lot for Pittsburgh. I mean, their entire defensive corps comes in at like $88,000.
Money aside, it was an interesting move. It meant the Penguins were going to let goalie Marc-Andre Fleury take some time to develop in the minors. Fleury is probably ready for the NHL, but why chance it?
With Caron on-board, the Penguins just needed to unload Jean-Sebastien Aubin, who was placed on waivers in February, and Johan Hedberg, a strong goalie, with mental difficulties to the point where he sought out hypnosis to calm himself down.
He’ll be calming himself a little west of Pittsburgh, though.
The Penguins traded him to Vancouver for a second round draft pick.
I have no idea what Hedberg’s role will be in Vancouver. They have decent back-up goalies in Alex Auld and Tyler Moss. Number one goalie Dan Cloutier has some nice moments, when he’s not injured or suffering his own mental lapses. If Hedberg gets hot, as he has in the past, he might be able to knock Cloutier out of a job.
Oh. And then for good luck, the Penguins signed goalie Martin Brochu to a minor-league contract.
Goalies are NHL currency. I think teams like Pittsburgh and the Coyotes are going to be able to get some great players by dealing out their obscene number of capable goalies, once the time is right.
Be patient.