Ferguson the Leaf GM?

I’m not quite sure why I’m so obsessed with the Leafs finding a GM.
It’s looking like it’s going to be St. Louis VP and Director of Hockey Operations John Ferguson Jr., though.
Toronto management is supposedly trying to create a GM-coach relationship similar to New York Yankee GM Brian Cashman and coach Joe Torre. Cashman and Torre usually agree on moves before they’re made, so everyone is on the same page. Unless owner George Steinbrenner is freelancing.
Leaf management wants Ferguson and coach Pat Quinn to have a similar relationship. Not a bad thought. But is Quinn going to be up for working closely with the guy who replaced him?
What do you think?
Al Strachan says to forget the Maple Leaf GM. The Leafs need to fire Quinn and get a new coach.
I see that happening at the end of this season. The new GM needs Quinn to fail a little bit more before he can fire him. If Toronto doesn’t make the playoffs, or has another first round exit, Quinn’s going to be hitting the bricks.
Whether knowing his job is on the line will motivate Quinn this season is another story.