‘Cane Pick Takes Himself Out to the Ball Game

Like it’s not bad enough the Carolina Hurricanes went from the Stanley Cup finals in 2002 to early golf in 2003.
Nope. Now they’re losing draft picks to the L.A. Dodgers.
Jamie Hoffman, North Carolina’s eighth-round 2003 draft pick decided to sign with the Dodgers.
Baseball players can be good at hockey. But they don’t seem to stay in hockey. Like Tom Glavine of the New York Mets, taken by the LA Kings in the fourth round.
Losing a draft pick is nothing to the ‘Canes, though.
Owner Peter Karmanos says he’s thinking about selling all or some of the team.
It seems Karmanos thought owning a hockey team in the American south would be a little more profitable.
Yeah. It seems like a gold mine to me. What’s his next project? Selling snowboarding to Ecuador?