Pre-season Gets Drafty

Some of this year’s draft picks are getting a nice, long look in the pre-season. For someone like me, with a short attention span, it’s fantastic. Because really, once the draft picks go down to the lower leagues, I pretty much forget about them. Then, when they come up again, it’s like I’ve never heard of them.
I might need to get that checked out.
Pittsburgh Penguin Marc-Andre Fleury, this year’s number one overall draftpick, made 22 saves against the Islanders’ 23 shots. The Penguins still went down 1-0. Fleury should probably get used to that.
Caroline Hurricaniac Eric Staal, who was picked right after Fleury, also had a good pre-season game. He scored two goals against the Thrashers. Sure, it’s pre-season, and sure it’s the Thrashers, but it’s still two goals. Staal, who’s 18, could actually make the Hurricanes this season.