Sabres Feeling Better

Some nice news out of Buffalo. Tom Golisano, the new owner of the Sabres, is actually doing a pretty good job with the team so far.
According to the Buffalo News, suite and season ticket sales are both up from last season.
But Golisano isn’t stopping there. He’s also trying to expand the Sabres into a wider area. He’s targetting Rochester, which neighbors Buffalo in upstate New York, and Southern Ontario.
Obviously, it’s still early to tell, but Golisano seems to understand sports. He also seems to have a lot of common sense. Owners around the league could really learn a lot from Golisano. He’s getting creative to keep a once-struggling team in a relatively small market, He’s not complaining. He’s not fielding an AHL-worthy team. He’s just using his brain.
The whole thing is quite refreshing.