D-Vo Whips It

The Edmonton Sun is looking in on Radek Dvorak, pointing out how he really needs to step up to the plate, er, net, this season. Of course, every October starts with someone wondering if Dvorak will finally have a strong season. Dvorak can score at will. Unfortunately, as most of his past teams will tell you, his will takes a lot of sick days.
The Sun is also a little naive. Robin Brownlee wonders about Dvorak: “The answer Dvorak provides when the Oilers start playing for keeps against the San Jose Sharks Oct. 9 will go a long way in determining the success, or lack of same, of Craig MacTavish’s hockey club this season.”
The thing is, Dvorak came to Edmonton because the Oilers wouldn’t be able to afford Anson Carter’s upcoming arbitration. I didn’t think anyone thought that trade was about anything other than a pre-emptive salary dump for Edmonton.
And let’s not forget Dvorak’s run-ins with then-Ranger coach Bryan Trottier. Trottier publicly accused Dvorak of playing scared.
So I’m not so sure the Oilers were actively looking to pick up Dvorak. And I’m a little more sure they were sort of hoping he wouldn’t be the key to this season’s offense.