And Starring Anson Carter as Ron Duguay

All you old school Ranger fans are going to want to check this out.
It’s my latest New York Sports Express column. It looks at Ranger Anson Carter as the latest incarnation of 70s Ranger heartthrob Ron Duguay.
Carter is becoming the toast of New York, just like Duguay was.
What’s it going to take to be bigger than Duguay?

    Ideally, Carter is going to need to go for broke and try to hook up with Anna Kournikova. It’ll splash him on the gossip pages and perform a double-burn on the hockey world, pissing off her secret ex-husband Sergei Fedorov and her ex-boyfriend Pavel Bure. And it might not be a bad idea for Carter to try and steal Candace “Full House” Cameron from Pavel’s brother, Valeri.

Check it out. You’ll love it.