Canucks Gamble Their Reputation

Geez. The Canucks haven’t been sold to the Russians.
Nah. Ownership is just using the Canucks, and the individual players, to promote gambling.
The Canucks were supposed to make a big announcement yesterday. A lot of people thought the team might have been sold. But the “big announcement” was a partnership with B.C. Lottery Corp. to sell scratch-and-lose lottery tickets adorned with Canuck players.
Because it’s not like kids watch hockey and look up to players.
Apparently the price of the soul of the Vancouver Canucks will be about $2 million this season.
Enjoy it, guys.
In other news, the Canucks cut Fedor Fedorov, the chronically underperforming of Mighty Duck Sergei Fedorov, again. Fedor has got a ton of talent and no desire to consistently showcase it. It’s a problem.