Turco Strikes Again

Geez. Everyone is always talking about protecting goalies.
Who’s going to protect us from the goalies?
Or from Dallas goalie Marty Turco anyway?
Saturday night against the Predators, he racked up eight minutes worth of penalties in the last six seconds of the Stars’ 3-1 win. Turco was slashing and elbowing like Pedro Martinez.
Apparently he’s so serious about winning a Vezina this season, he throwing himself out of contention for the Lady Byng, presumably to avoid splitting the vote.
Turco’s outburst is pretty serious stuff, though. He could face a fine or suspension. It’s kind of surprising, though. I’ve always thought of Marty Turco as kind of a low-key guy. I guess he was just feeling froggy. And he did attack Peter Forsberg last season.
Oh. And speaking of Nashville, which we were in a roundabout way, Jordin Tootoo, the beloved Predator who’s the first NHL player of Inuit decent, has his own Web site. It’s at TeamTooToo.com.