Mmmmm. Doughnuts.

The good people at budBlog are trying to encourage Toronto Star writer Damien Cox to write nice things about the Leafs. They’ve come upon a doughnut strategy, where you, the hockey-loving public send Cox a doughnut. Here’s budBlog’s spiel:

    Calling all Leaf fans. Calling all Leaf fans.

    Please go to your local Tim Horton’s outlet and purchase one jelly-filled doughnut. Lemon. Put it in an 8.5×11 manila envelope along with a note requesting a nice article about the Leafs. Put a stamp on it. Lick the envelope, but don’t lick the doughnut.

    Mail it to:

    attn: Damien Cox The Toronto Star
    1 Yonge St.
    Toronto Ontario
    M5E 1E6

Why wouldn’t you send a doughnut through the mail?
Actually, I thought about doing it, but I’m too scared to mess with the Post Office. I don’t want to get flagged as a terrorist or anything. But I’m sure it’s perfectly safe up in Canada, where your postal regulations are a bit more civilized.
Hopefully budBlog or Cox will let us now how it all turns out.