Joseph Starts; Osgood Feels; Illitch Still Rich

Detroit is hopping, yo.
First, goalie Curtis Joseph got to start.
He had to like that.
The Wings lost to Nashville 5-3, though.
He had to hate that.
I wonder is St. Louis’ shellacking of Dom Hasek was any kind of factor in that decision (and by the way &#151 Hasek didn’t participate in the morning skate after that whomping. Interesting, no?).
Blues goaltender Chris Osgood, who was also displaced by Hasek, agrees it’s a crappy feeling. It’s got to be. The Wings just waived Osgood. That’s like getting dumped at the prom.
Um, er, or so I hear.
Anyway, Jim Kelley says he hears that Joseph won’t be picky about where he lands. While the word early this summer was that he was looking for a contender, now he’s realizing he just needs to play &#151 especially if next season is a lockout.
Finally, the Detroit Free Press has a long interview with Wings owner Mike Illitch.
Illitch, as many people know, owns the Wings, the Tigers (43-119 last season), and Little Caesars, the pizza chain. I kept waiting for this exchange in the interview:

Q: Let’s talk about the Tigers.
A: That was horrible when that one attacked Roy.
Q: No. I mean the baseball team.
A: Why do you want to talk about them?
Q: Because you own them.
A: No I don’t.
Q: Yes. You do.
A: I think you’re mistaken.
Q: Admit it. You own the Detroit Tigers.
A: I will only admit one thing. Pizza pizza.