So Forbes did their annual NHL valuations article.
Once again, the Rangers are the most valuable team in the league.
The Oilers are the least valuable, which is kind of sad.
Forbes also did an extended piece on the Minnesota Wild. I like it because it doesn’t once use the word trap. That’s got to be some kind of record.
Forbes also does this thing where they figure out which team gets the best performance out of their team based on player costs. Interestingly, last year’s “surprise” playoff teams the Wild, the Lightning, and the Mighty Ducks all get a lot out of a little. Duds like the Rangers, Red Wings, Hurricanes, and Canadiens didn’t get much bang for their buck. Of course, the rating, which Forbes calls Team Relative Productivity Score, puts a lot of weight on making the playoffs.
I don’t know. That’s enough economics. I have to go lie down.