Cherry: ‘Gretzky Scored Too Much, Too!’

So Don Cherry of HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA has been riding Sidney Crosby, the junior league prodigy who’s being touted as the next Wayne Gretzky &#151 even by Gretzky.
Cherry was busting on the well-circulated clip of Crosby scoring from behind the net.
Was it flashy and show-boaty? Hell yeah. Was it awful sportsmanship? Yup. Was it great for hockey? I think so. People want to see goals. They want to see flashy, crazy goals. While I wouldn’t want someone like Crosby, who I’m going to assume is a defensive liability, on my favorite NHL team, I’m sure I’d watch him play as often as possible. So when Crosby joins the NHL, the only people he’ll be harming will be his own team. But if he’s as powerful up in the NHL as he is down below it, he won’t be hurting anyone but opposing teams. So there’s really very little downside to Crosby’s flash. I’m not sure why Cherry wants to turn this kid into some kind of grinder. I guess it’s so people will write about him.
Good work, Don. You won.