Cassidy Fired

It seemed like Islander GM Mike Milbury and Capitals coach Bruce Cassidy were in a tense race to see who would be fired first. The Islanders pulled out of their skid. The Caps, still looking for that elusive ninth win of the season, didn’t look like their skid would ever end. So the Caps fired Cassidy, who only became coach last year. Assistant coach Glen Hanlon is the new coach.
There have been rumblings that Mike Keenan, late of the Panthers, might be on his way to DC. But it seems like Cassidy created a lot of ill-will for the Caps (specifically, his crack about leaving family problems at home). It seems GM George McPhee is just trying to make the team feel comfortable again. Keenan doesn’t make anybody comfortable.
Of course, one might argue the Caps would be more comfortable if they started winning.