Rivalries Unrivaled…For Fun!

Like many hockey fans, I’m a little tired of people talking about how boring the game is. I’m also tired of those crazy suggestions to make the game more entertaining. You know. Like every two minutes a penalty shot is awarded. Or having players shoot at Trista and Ryan instead of a net.
But one thing that does make the game a little better is a good old-fashioned rivalry.
It sure made the recent Rangers/Leafs home-and-home series entertaining as hell. Even Anson Carter got excited:

    Is there another player in the league that needs as much motivation as Carter? The man can’t score a goal unless the press is discussing him for at least two days. It shouldn’t take a coach and five daily newspapers to get someone scoring. It’s just too taxing.
    The fire and anger in the Rangers-Maple Leaf series really highlighted the importance of rivalries in game quality, though. That’s why so many New York hockey fans were salivating over the idea of the Dec. 4 Rangers-Islanders match-up at the Coliseum.
    Too bad the Islanders are in a spiral of self-hatred and self-destruction from which they may never pull out.

Luckily, the Rangers play the Leafs something like twelve more times this month.