Sabres Fall on Their Sword; CuJo Floors It

I realize I may have talked up Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller a few days ago.
He really is a good goalie. You know. Even though he gave up seven goals to the Wings Wednesday &#151 including five in the third period.
So far, Miller is winless in three games with a 5.06 Goals Against Average and a horribly low .795 save percentage.
But in his defense, he’s got nothing playing in front of him. In fact, his defense was just about the only defense Buffalo had going against Detroit.
Part of the reason for the lack of defense? Slumping superstar Miroslav Satan is playing on the fourth line.
I understand the rationale for playing Satan on a lower line, but it’s throwing the team’s chemistry off. The Sabres would be better of benching Satan. At least he can’t make things worse from the bench.
The Sabres are just in a bad way. All of their weaknesses are just feeding off each other. It’s not a goaltending issue or a Satan issue. It’s a team issue. Maybe if coach Lindy Ruff figures out how to fix one thing, the rest will fall into place. But it’s not an easy solve.
You know. Unless Philadelphia still wants Satan.
Meanwhile, in the increasingly degrading Curtis Joseph saga, he had to drive 300 miles to start that Buffalo game. He found out he was getting called up while with his AHL team in Cleveland.
The Wings need to trade CuJo soon. They’re really running out of ways to embarrass him. I predict that before he’s finally traded, the Wings will end up throwing some sort of pie at Joseph.
Oh. And just for fun, the Detroit Free Press has a list of the salaries of the injured Red Wings. I’m not sure what the list really shows, other than that those injured players make a lot of money. I just really like to imagine it’s my salary.