Bettman Ponders Hockey

Apparently NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has some big ideas.
In addition to negotiating (or not negotiating, depending upon who you listen to) the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement, he’s also looking into ways to change the game.
Bettman, as is his way, won’t committ to anything specific. But he does mention they’re looking into more penalty shots, including a change to the point structure, so teams that win in regulation don’t get the same points a team that wins on an overtime penalty shot would.
He also mentions making the blue lines wider, which would increase the size of the neutral zones and the defensive/offensive zones without changing the physical size of the rink. The Hockey News had a big piece on the idea earlier this year. I forget who wrote it, though.
Of course, without the CBA settled, all of this is pretty moot.
Oh. And speaking of changes, Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe says he wants icing in effect for both teams during power plays, so more teams can score.