Some People Call Him Maurice…

The good news?
NHL coaches aren’t being fired at a faster rate than last season.
By this point last season, three NHL coaches had been fired: Darryl Sutter from the Sharks, Greg Gilbert from the Flames, and Bob Hartley from the Avs.
So far this season, the same number of NHL coaches have been fired.
The bad news?
Well. There really is none. Unless your name is Paul Maurice. And you coach the Carolina Hurricanes. Or used to coach them.
In that case, you’re fired.
Maurice is probably best known for having his ass on the line since the Hurricanes went down to the Red Wings in the 2001-02 Stanley Cup Finals.
The Hurricanes never really recovered from the loss and management never upgraded the team to help them overcome the loss.
The Hurricanes brought in former Islander coach Peter Laviolette, who really isn’t a bad choice. He’s good with young teams. He’s also good with teams trying to get their footing.
The big question now is if it’s too late for the Hurricanes to turn around their second horrible season in a row.
With just eight wins, it probably is too late. But there’s always next season.