Comrie Almost a Flyer

Could this whole Mike Comrie thing get any crazier?
The Flyers traded defenseman Jeff Woywitka and a first-round draft pick to the Oilers for the rights to Mike Comrie.
No word on if Oilers GM Kevin Lowe made Comrie pay for this trade.
The Oilers had a deal to trade Comrie to Anaheim, but then Lowe demanded Comrie pay over $2 million out of his own pocket before the Oilers would consummate the trade. Then, all of a sudden, his rights were dealt to Philadelphia.
If I were more cynical, I’d think Lowe had second thoughts about trading a seriously pissed off forward to a fellow Western Conference team. But it’s a great pick-up for Philadelphia. He’s not big or physical, but Comrie’s a finesse guy who might be able to move from line to line, jump-starting slumping players.
He might want to start with Jeremy Roenick, who recently admitted “I suck.”
But maybe the thought of Comrie is enough. Roenick scored in last night’s Flyer loss to the suddenly hot Flames.