Rangers Still Not Ready for the Grind

Ahhh. That delightful time of the season when teams are just sick and tired of hockey.
For some teams, it’s the time to shine. For others, it’s the time to implode.
For the Rangers, it’s the time to sit there and let other teams roll all over them (last night’s win over the Islanders exlcuded):

    Everyone, from the players to the coaches to the beat reporters, keep saying the same thing: “The Rangers need to learn how to win.” But what does that mean? How do you learn how to win? You either win or you don’t, and right now the Rangers aren’t winning. You can’t teach a team to win, but you can teach them to be comfortable. You can play Lindros as a top line center, as he’s played all of his career. You can play Holik as a checking center and penalty killer, as he played most of his career. You can scratch players who continue to throw blind passes, like almost half of the team does. Maybe it wouldn’t teach the Rangers to win, but it would at least teach them to play hockey.