Tardy Holiday Wishes

It’s a little late, but here is a list of Christmas wishes for the Rangers, Islanders, and Devils.
Because I know there are quite a few of you out there who passionately believe the Devils get a real raw deal from the hockey world, I draw your attention to this wish:

    New Jersey Devils: A better reputation. The party line is that no one goes to Devils games because their play is so boring. While it’s true they sometimes have a tendency to just run the clock down in close games, they can be a fantastic team to watch. They’re tight as hell, so watching them skate their system can be as moving and beautifully choreographed as a Bollywood dance number. And the way they capitalize on turnovers gives them chances for some stunning breakaways. Watching Patrik Elias take off on a few of those when the Devils lost to the Islanders Dec. 16 certainly wasn’t boring, despite the fact he wasn’t able to score on any of them. And is there anything more exciting than Brodeur in goal? He moves from post to post like he’s on tracks and his glove hand moves faster than Michael Jackson’s. Maybe it’s time to admit the Devils are a fun team and maybe the reason nobody goes to Devils games is that the Meadowlands is in the middle of nowhere.