Groin Talk

If you’re like me, the phrase groin injury makes you titter like a school girl. But it’s really no laughing matter. The Detroit Free Press has a comprehensive look at the world of groin injuries. The best way to avoid them? Keeping your thighs and pelvis conditioned (titter). According to the article, the long NHL season causes more groin injuries. And goalies are more susceptible, which definitely makes sense.
Red Wing goalie Dom Hasek has been out with a groin injury since mid-December. Plenty of buzz says Detroit might not even bother trying to dump Curtis Joseph anymore. Apparently Detroit is worried about Hasek’s long-term health prospects. His groin just doesn’t seem to be healing.
Although, some might recall Hasek’s groin was the subject of some controversy during Buffalo’s ultimately unsuccessful 1999 Stanley Cup run. Rumors had Hasek faking a groin injury to mess with opposing teams.